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As a private practice owner who is self-insured and without prescription drug coverage, the cost of any medication can be a scary addition to my monthly expenses. I also often here my patients express worry that they may not be able to afford a prescribed medication. For both these reasons, I was happy to discover and recommend DPS (Discount Prescription Sourcing) to my patients. This is not a pharmacy, but a Florida based business that has been providing a safe alternative from the high cost of medications. Mary S

DPS believes that most companies would like to provide a comprehensive prescription plan, but with the growing cost of co-pays and the elimination of some medications from Prescription Drug Plans, this is no longer fiscally possible. DPS can be a cost saving solution to this problem. Our Membership Program can be a standalone option or a supplement to current health care packages, support wellness benefits, and act as part of a severance package. This program is no cost to the employee or employer, and can be used by extended family members and friends associate to the employee.

According to the "New York Times," about 30 percent of Americans help their parents out
financially. This assistance can range from casual loans as needed to the elderly parent living
with and being supported by the child, or living in an assisted living situation that is paid for by the children. A number of factors maintain this high percentage of elderly people who need assistance from their children, including the high cost of prescription drugs and medical care, the economic downturn that began in 2008, affecting many investments and retirement funds and the trend toward longer lives that is creating larger numbers of very elderly people.

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Example of Savings realized Nexium

  • Nexium Average U. S Price for 3 month supply $516.00
  • Average Price for Brand for 3 month supply via Discount Prescription Services $230, savings of $1,148.00 per year
  • Average Price for Generic for 3 month supply via Discount Prescription Services, $139 savings of $1,508 per year

Price used above is subject to change

By design, our employee program is simple to implement and free of charge. We require no contract and do not have a minimum requirement for those who use our plan. We are happy to customize a program to register employees as you see fit. We can sign your employees up to the service through our web site or they can contact us directly. We can provide information for distribution, offer information sessions in person or via the web on how the service works.



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