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As the price of medications can vary from one service to another, it is important that you understand that DPS maintains the lowest price point possible without compromise of product. DPS offers clients peace of mind in that our Pharmacy Partners are certified by the only recognized organization in Canada and abroad. We can assure that medications through our pharmacy partners are safe and can be tracked back to the originating source. All medications are billed, filled and shipped directly to you from our partner pharmacy.


• In addition to Licensed U.S. based Pharmacy’s, in Canada DPS Pharmacy Partners are certified by CIPA (the only recognized national organization in Canada and abroad).
• Product used by our pharmacy partners are from FDA approved and/or equivalent inspected manufacturing facilities.
• Medications are blister packed with original registration numbers.
• Medications are batch tested by independent laboratory to ensure drug quality.
• Each order is reviewed by a DPS Customer Care Agent with Customer and then again by a licensed physician or pharmacist during the fulfillment process.
• All orders are filled, billed and shipped directly to the customer from our licensed partner pharmacy.

Mail Order vs. Online Pharmacy

• DPS is a mail order prescription sourcing company
• DPS deals with partner pharmacies that can provide safe and affordable access to prescription drugs
• DPS does not work with online pharmacies
• Some online pharmacies can get their drugs from unregulated sources and can put your health in jeopardy

DPS Customer Care Agents are your personal link to our Partner Pharmacies

• Source medications and provide price quotes and comparisons
• Establish customer profiles including health history and billing information
• Manage customer profiles to ensure timely and effective service
• Communicate directly with Partner Pharmacies
• Provide 100% verbal confirmation on all orders and refills


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