“The service received has been a tremendous help to me. Great lengths were taken by the Customer Care Agents and the Pharmacy Partners in sourcing my cancer medications. These medications are extremely expensive, and I have saved thousands of dollars through this service. Further, the customer care team
has exceeded my expectations and has been a pleasure to deal with each time I place an order.” John B. Current Customer – 2011

"DPS has been a life saver to me – I have severe eczema and the medication I had been using did not work and was more than $200 a month. DPS suggested I speak with my Doctor in regards to the use of Ala-Septic. Not only did this work, but it has saved me a great deal of money. I am so happy to have worked with DPS as they truly helped me find the answer I had been looking for." Allison L. Customer 2011



Start Saving Today!

Discount Prescription Sourcing is a solution to a problem that many Americans face each day. Like a
complicated puzzle, the prospect of trying to figure out how to work through different types of insurance
is a struggle for many. Whether it is individual, benefits through your employer, or government funded,
all of our customers find that at some point they have to pay out of pocket. This is where the true
challenge of putting the pieces together comes in – how to pay for something you must have to keep your
health, without breaking the bank. The sourcing service provided by DPS is a cost saving solution that helps keep money in your pocket and affords you the ability to continue to purchase your needed prescribed medications.

Our Customer loyalty has been built through our commitment to provide the best customer care services,
safest products through the sourcing of our network of pharmacy partners, relationships established with
many Doctors across the U.S. and price points that save money without jeopardizing quality.

Discount Prescription Sourcing “DPS” goes the extra mile to support our customers through services such
as, free price quotes, timely refill tracking system, and most importantly a highly trained staff that can
help you and your family save money without having to compromise on quality and safety of product.
Medications sourced through DPS are billed, filled and shipped directly to your door by our Pharmacy

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