Solving The Puzzle

Finding safe and affordable medications is a puzzle that many people find themselves having to solve. Our team works with all kinds of people every day to help put the pieces together. Many of our customers tell us that without our service they would not be able to afford their medications, or would have to forgo something else in their budget. Freeing up funds by saving money on medication has been a large help to many that we work with.

Seniors tell us that while Medicare D covers their medications, at some point they find themselves in the “donut hole” or gap period and they are on their own to pick up the expense. For 2011, seniors who enter the gap period must spend out of pocket $4550 before coverage is picked back up. This expense can be a burden for many. Our seniors have told us that they o rely on family members to cover their cost, incur debt on credit cards, or to go without medication all together.

“I am so thankful for your service – DPS has saved me thousands on my medications. The donut hole is a tough place to be!” Jacque O.

Parents tell us that due to the shift in the economy, loss of jobs and therefore benefits that they find they are not able to afford medications for themselves as well as their children. We have many customers whose children require things such as asthma and allergy medications that they are no longer covered due to loss of benefits. We have had a great deal of luck in working with families who find themselves in this unfortunate position.

“My daughter has been fighting Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis for the past 2 years. She was recently put on a new drug to try and fight this terrible debilitating disease. I was very unsure if I should go with this prescribed treatment as the side effects are many. I am so happy that I was able to work with your service and learn more about this drug. I greatly appreciate the knowledge and feedback that the Pharmacist that you work with provided me.” Dede M.

Students tell us that they are in limbo while in school. While many may have insurance, they do not have coverage for prescription medication. As they are in school the possibility of obtaining insurance through an employer is not an option. Budgets are tight and can cause medications to be placed on hold. DPS is able to work with students so that they can afford to take their medications without breaking the bank.

“I am in college and have a part time job as a waitress, so do not make that much money. Recently my Dad lost his job which now means I am on my own to pay for my birth control I had no idea how much this was – for years it was just a co-pay of $10.00 now it is more than $100.00 per month without coverage. My friend told me about your service and thanks to you I am able to continue on this medication and save more than $55.00 each month. I can’t thank you enough! I will be sure to spread the word to my fellow students. Ashley M. Happy Student

Small Business Owners tell us that they would like to offer a prescription benefit to their employees, but do to the high cost of plans as well as required number of employees; they are not in a position to do so. DPS has been a solution to many as an alternative option that can at least help to offset the high cost of medications that employees without coverage are faced with.

"As a private practice owner who is self-insured and without prescription drug coverage, the cost of any medication can be a scary addition to my monthly expenses. I also often here my patients express worry that they may not be able to afford a prescribed medication. For both these reasons, I was happy to discover and recommend DPS (Discount Prescription Sourcing) to my patients. This is not a pharmacy, but a Florida based business that has been
providing a safe alternative from the high cost of medications.” Mary S.




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