Trust your supply Chain; be sure your source is using CIPA pharmacies:

The Canadian Internet Pharmacy Association (

Founded in 2002, CIPA is a Canadian association of licensed, retail pharmacies that sell prescription

Drugs made by the leading name-brand manufacturers. CIPA member pharmacies have served more

Than 1 million U.S. customers each year, with a 100 percent safety record.

A Note from Doctor Zickler –

"......I would like to say that in the last 7 years that CIPA members have been sourcing product
from India which amount to several million prescriptions, that no counterfeit product has been encountered. I have been an integral part in obtaining and monitoring safety of international product. We adhere to standards and are confident that customers will receive safe medications at the most affordable price




Your Health is at Risk – Using online pharmacies that are not regulated, may lead to putting your health at risk – is it worth the savings?

  • The United States has difficulty in shutting down rouge online pharmacies due to jurisdiction
  • Many Online pharmacies are not regulated and can be unsafe
  • Counterfeit drugs are very prevalent and can be very dangerous to your health
  • Substandard drugs may have the same look and feel, but the formula may be compromised
  • Adverse reactions to counterfeit / substandard drugs may be revealed when it is to late
  • As price goes down, quality does as well – if it is too good to be true it is likely that it is not
  • Counterfeit packaging of medications, batch numbers and certifications is a practice many online pharmacies use.
  • Counterfeit branding of CIPA, FDA, etc… on many online pharmacy is misleading
  • Google and Bing have restricted advertising for those pharmacies that are not approved by CIPA
  • Due to the lost ability to advertise via Google, BING and Yahoo, many online pharmacies are using direct mail to solicit customers – List can be purchased from AARP and other like organizations for these solicitations, this does not mean that the organization recognizes the online pharmacy.


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